11 LinkedIn Post Ideas for Businesses

//11 LinkedIn Post Ideas for Businesses


Each social media platform is unique, and each one has its own avenues towards promotion and advertising of your business on it. To be able to create successful posts on each one, you must first get to know it and the logic behind the posts that get high engagement.

LinkedIn is no different. As a social media platform, it is ideal for businesses and connecting them with other businesses and potential clients. However, to get your business seen, your posts need to be regular and within an initial framework of topics (and keywords) which you will use again and again, attracting your business’ natural audience.

The following post ideas will help you get a good grasp of how to maximize LinkedIn’s potential for your own business:


1. Make your text posts pop

Text posts can easily get lost in the bulk of a LinkedIn feed. However, you can make your own text posts stand out from the others if you know how they work.

LinkedIn shows up to five lines of your text and a “See More” button. Therefore, these first five lines must be powerful and attention grabbing, to compel users to click on the “See More” button.

The most efficient way to do that is by creating a ‘hook’ that is meaningful to your target audience. Such hooks could be a novel solution to a problem, or an industry secret, or compelling news of your business or about your business’ activities, and more.


2. Run polls

Posting polls on LinkedIn is not only an excellent way to get engagement, but also a great way to get a feel of your target audience’s preferences and opinions on products and more. It is also a great way to generate discussions in comments, which will get your post in front of more eyes.


3. Create link posts

If you post a link in a link post, LinkedIn will create a site card for the site your URL is directing. This is a great way to get people interested in posts you’ve made in other platforms, such as YouTube, look at products from your site, and more.

However, be careful with link posts as there is a chance that the algorithm will not favor them if they all point away from the platform. A good way to circumvent this is to link to a link post, which as a URL is still a LinkedIn URL but still directs attention to your external link.


4. Create image posts

Image posts can be anything from an impressive, visually stimulating photograph or art to a simple yet poignant graphic. The idea with image posts is to make people stop scrolling to pay attention to the image, and thus be further interested in your post and what your business has to offer them.


5. Make document posts

Document posts are an ingenious way to make users swipe through several images- a feature that isn’t available in simple image posts.

The document post will create slides of your document, with slight preview of what is coming next, that further encourages the user to keep swiping through it. You can easily post up to 300 images and create compelling slide shows, how-to guides, checklists, tip lists, and more.

The document will also be downloadable which helps disseminate your message further. Make sure the first page of your document is a compelling preview of what your document has to offer.

6. Create LinkedIn native videos

You can upload videos of up to 10 minutes directly on LinkedIn, which is an excellent way to generate engagement and get people to share and comment. Keep in mind that the best performing videos are a lot less than 10 minutes long. Videos of around 1 to 2 minutes have peak performance. Make sure you include captions so that users can watch your video even if they prefer not to turn the sound on.

7. Go live

A live video feed on LinkedIn is generally the most successful type when it comes to engagement. With LinkedIn live, you can create important events, such as webinars, questions and answers, discussions, round tables, and even short classes.

Users can register for the event and be reminded when it begins. The comment section as well is going to generate more engagement as people participate.


8. Promote events on LinkedIn

Even if you don’t want to or can’t use LinkedIn Live, you can still promote live events you host elsewhere (e.g. on your business website). By creating an event post, you can generate a unique URL that you can share across LinkedIn, have a registration form, and let people know or remind them that the event is going to take place.


9. Create articles

If you want to address an issue or topic that requires extensive or in-depth analysis, then a good way to do it is through LinkedIn Articles.

You can write text of above 15,000 words and even combine the content you post on LinkedIn with that on your business website. The easiest way to do that is by adding a note that the article was originally posted on your website.

The great thing about LinkedIn Articles is that they generate their own URL which you can post everywhere on LinkedIn and have the algorithm promote it over other posts with external URLs.


10. Maintain a newsletter

If you are confident that you can generate articles regularly, you can publish them via the LinkedIn newsletter. The advantage to this is that users can subscribe to your newsletter, generating a standard audience for your content. You can also invite people to join your newsletter, which can also expand your reader base. At the same time, you can post the newsletter to your company page for even more readers and subscribers.

11. Share other people’s posts

Sharing content created by other users, and especially people who are members of your business or company is another good way to generate engagement. It is also a good way to organically promote your business’ profile to your target audience.


LinkedIn has a great array of tools that will allow you to showcase your business in a variety of ways. Make sure to post regularly, take into account feedback from your audience, create helpful content that users want to read or need to use, and methodically build a community around your brand name. 


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