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Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. It encompasses the essence of being human and our wide diversity, where each and every one of us is beautiful in a very unique way. In turn, beauty brands have their own individuality and aspirations that their ideal audience relates to in a very deep and personal level.

Long gone are the days where beauty brands delivered superficial messages to their audience, making it nearly impossible for customers to relate with the brand and, inevitably, abandoning their loyalty and switching to a competitor.

The beauty industry, consisting of beauty, wellness centres and spas, has switched to a more customer friendly approach, where all types of people are welcomed. This means that product lines and services have been adjusted and expanded to fulfil every person’s demand. Having said that, each brand also has its own target audience with people relating on a personal level with the brand’s aspiration and vision.

Why is it important for Beauty Brands to have a solid online presence?

We often disregard the online environment as unnecessary for building and maintaining our brands, especially in the beauty industry. This is a common mistake and misconception that hinders the growth and sustainability of small, medium and even larger companies.

There are a number of ways you can create awareness, generate leads and boost sales, but it all adds up to one important task: Creating a strong online presence!


Website Development and Design

The first interaction you will have with new customers will most likely be made digitally. When people hear about your brand, they will first do online research. They will search for your website and will develop the first impression of your brand.

A great website is developed with fast loading time for seamless user experience, designed with captivating visuals such as photos and videos, along with all the relevant information a visitor may be interested in (information about your brand’s history, products, services, blogs, contact details etc). If you have developed and designed a high-quality website that accurately reflects your brand, then you have passed the first test!

If not, you have a lot of important work ahead of you, especially considering all the competition out there, people will not hesitate to leave your website and never consider your brand again. So, if your website is not of the highest standards, consider changing or improving it before losing any more potential customers. Otherwise, if you currently do not have a website, consider developing one that will accurately encompass your brand’s essence. It would be unwise to miss out on the opportunities the digital environment brings while your competitors may have already established their digital presence.

Social Media Management and Promotion

Social media is another important factor in establishing your online presence. A significant benefit of being active on social media platforms is that they do not just represent important information about your brand, but people can also engage in a number of different ways with you.

Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are very important platforms for beauty brands, as they focus mainly on the visual aspect of the products and services. Promoting products and services through those platforms is also highly effective if your objectives are among the following:

  • Create awareness of your brand, products, services, offers etc.
  • Increase engagement on your social media pages and posts
  • Generate leads through various tactics and use them for marketing purposes at a later stage
  • Boost online and/or offline sales
  • Create competitions where people will have a chance to win your products and services, giving them a chance to try them out
  • Generate traffic to your website
  • Urge people to visit your shop in person

These are just some of the goals you may achieve by being active on social media. Depending on your objectives, campaigns can be adjusted to provide a combination of end-results, allowing you to achieve desired short-term and long-term business goals.


Another way in which social media are very effectively utilised by beauty brands is through the activation of Social Influencers. Influencers have a significant impact on their followers and, when used correctly and intelligently, can bring about incredible results. People love following influencers because they admire, trust and relate to them.

This means that when an influencer promotes your product or service, people will trust them a lot more in buying your product than just reading about it from you. This leads to a long-term and sustainable increase of integrity and trust between your brand and your audience, as well as a boost in sales.

Google Advertisement

Advertising on Google is another vital component of establishing your online presence. It is a great way to build your website’s visibility and, due to Google’s keyword and geographic targeting, you can attract visitors that are relevant to your brand. It is a great platform for awareness, lead generation and boosting your sales, therefore, you will have the opportunity to develop campaigns that are adjusted to your objectives.

Promoting your brand through Social Media and Google are both a great way to utilise your advertising budget as the results are measurable, enabling you to optimise the campaigns according to your goals. By improving campaigns over time with useful analytics, you are able to create more efficient promotions through remarketing and, as a result, increasingly experiencing more successful results.

We are here to help!

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