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The food and beverage industry has experienced a vast expansion in the digital environment. Online ordering has become a highly successful addition to physical shops, offering convenience for both businesses and consumers.

With an online ordering platform you are able to enjoy benefits that can only be achieved through the digital environment, in contrast to running a restaurant or any type of physical shop!

Additional Revenue Stream

Increase the volume of sales by establishing another revenue stream for your business. The online environment hides a whole new market that you would not be able to utilise in the physical world. Through the convenience of online ordering, you may target a whole new demographic of customers that would not have attended your establishment, which proves to be a vast source of revenue for many restaurants.

Efficient Online Promotion

Having an online store allows you to effectively promote products, offers, combos, discounts and so on, without having to undertake additional training of your employees. You can focus, not only on promoting particular products and offers but also in personalising your customers’ experience. You are able to create valuable loyalty schemes by gathering useful information about your customers and using it to create more effective marketing campaigns.

Improved Productivity

By reducing phone ordering, an online ordering system will allow you to have a fully automated food ordering process. This saves valuable time to your employees and enhances restaurant productivity by reducing the number of daily calls you receive for ordering.

In addition, an online ordering platform will provide you with the flexibility and convenience of updating your online menu without any complications and difficulties. Whenever you change a product, a price or a photo you will be spared from the trouble of having to print out menus again and again. With just a few steps, you are able to upload a whole new product or make as many changes as you would like to existing ones.

Stay ahead of the game

The latest statistics clearly show that online ordering systems used by the food and beverage industry are gaining stream. Gain a significant advantage over your competitors by offering a more convenient option to existing customers, and to new customer segments, to order in a much easier and faster way. This will make you stand out from competitors as well as create more integrity and loyalty by providing convenience and more seamless experience for your customers.

Integration with POS systems

Integrations between online ordering platforms and POS systems are vital to have a synchronised and more automated ordering process. Many restaurants, especially franchises, are struggling to implement new promotions into their POS systems. With the use of online ordering systems, multiple integrations can be achieved with multiple POS providers at once, creating a more synchronised approach.

R Digital’s solutions for Online Ordering

Interested to become more competitive and productive? Our company provides great solutions for online ordering with the following amazing features:

Built For The Most Complex Businesses

Our Online Ordering platform supports even the most complex business logic for online ordering stores. You can create numerous products depended with each other.

Incredibly Fast Loading time

Adding to customer convenience, our platform is one of the fastest on the market, delivering seamless UX (User Experience), encouraging customers to follow through with their order. It scores more than 95% in Google Page Speed tests with an average of 1.2 seconds full page load. That makes it the fastest online ordering platform!

Online Payments

Our platform gives you the option to integrate it with major online payment providers, such as PayPal, JCC and others. By giving your customers various payment options, you are guaranteeing a positive experience leading to customer satisfaction.

One-Page Checkout

Having a one-page checkout is important as users do not have the patience of having to go through multiple steps in the check-out process. This vastly reduces the number of abandoned carts and boosts sales for your online ordering store.

Integration with POS systems

Through our platform’s API you have the ability to integrate with any type of POS system as well as multiple POS providers at the same time. This will eliminate much of the hassle of creating different platforms for different POS providers, or not being able to integrate the platform at all.

Blog and Landing Pages

Compared to other online ordering platforms it also includes Blog functionality and even the ability to create your own landing pages with the use of our Page Builder.

SEO Optimized
You can rely on having the most SEO optimized source code as well as the tools to make your website perform better in Organic Search Results.

These are but a few of the features that will benefit your business and help you enter new markets, achieving a significantly higher volume of sales than by just having a physical shop. Discover how you may properly utilise an online ordering platform for your business by contacting us today!

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