Facebook F8 Developer Conference Keynote

//Facebook F8 Developer Conference Keynote

The truth is that Facebook needs to redesign most of its major platform and data sharing techniques to regain the lost trust from their users.

Every keynote feature in the conferences was the step in the right direction for Facebook, even though it seemed like the presentations tried way too hard to remain relevant in the market.

Yes, even a giant like Facebook needs to remain relevant enough to capture not just the hearts of the people but gain momentum with the fast-paced technological inventions.

Mark Zuckerberg believes the tarnished reputation of Facebook due to the data breach scandal will end up creating a new sense of direction and strength for the company.

In today’s blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the highlights of Facebook F8’s developer conference:

The Redesign of Facebook

Facebook now has a personalized feed in the form of a group tab.

The “FB5” feature basically allows you to have multiple interactions. And It’s entirely up to you whether you choose to browse the
internet or continue conversations in a joined group.

The purpose of the redesign is to help people find new friends and expand their online social circle. Similarly, there’s another feature integrated into the design, called“Meet New Friends”, which will help people connect with strangers that may share the same school, workplace or city.

With all these new features coming in, it sure is going to be a packed season for Facebook.

New Instagram Features

With ‘Private Like Counts’ feature, Facebook finally found a way to keep your mind off the statistical game. The company will also introduce a new camera design with “Create Mode” for better filtration and added stickers on the photos.

Facebook is revitalizing the essence of what makes Instagram so unique. They’re trying to come up with new sensor techniques to minimize online bullying.

And on top of that, Instagram users will now be directly able to raise money for their favorite non-profit organizations.

Facebook Messenger Upgrade

Facebook finally decided to launch its Messenger app on MAC and Desktop OS. This feature has been in the making for a long time and will roll out the need to open a separate browser tab.

Facebook also decided on a new set of plug-and-play solutions that would make day-to-day business activities much easier.

WhatsApp Upgrade

Facebook did not forget about WhatsApp. The giant company plans on launching it’s portal service internationally, but the key focus is to add WhatsApp calls in the service.

Moreover, a Business Catalog feature has been added into WhatsApp to help businesses all around the world interact and display their range of products with more effectiveness.

And Facebook plans on expanding the in-app payments internationally and will go as far as providing a new platform for the ads.

Facebook Dating Service

You might get confused since Facebook has long been seen and used as a dating service platform by the entire world community.

The dating service will now be expanding to 14 more countries that will surely ignite some unresolved tension between your friends.

Secret Crush

Facebook F8’s developer conference completely threw it out of the ballpark when it announced a new “Secret Crush” feature. As a result, you’ll be able to create a new list of Facebook friends with secret crushes.

And the best part? You will receive a notification if the person in your crush list also added you in their crush list without revealing any information publicly.

The Arrival of Oculus Rift S & Oculus Quest

Hold your horses because Facebook is bringing two new Oculus releases this year as compared to no show whatsoever last year in the same product category.

Oculus Rift S is an upgrade in design and tracking to the popular 2016 Oculus Rift. But both of these Oculus Rifts replaced tracking cameras with user-friendly environment and compatibility.

The Next Computing Platform

The launch of a new computing platform was probably the most well-thought-out keynote of the entire developer conference.

Zuckerberg will provide coders all around the world a shared platform that could be used on MAC as well as on Windows OS.

Additional Dedicated Features

The community Sections will be vastly improved through Health Support groups. For instance, job seekers can now message the employer and can even apply directly on Facebook.

Gaming groups, on the other hand, will get a new chat feature that will create threads for most of the available games on Facebook.

And since people become accustomed to selling items through ‘Buy and Sell’ groups, the company now made it easier for the buyers to ask all sorts of the questions to the seller before purchasing an item.

Facebook’s Iconic Logo Upgrade

Zuckerberg’s body language was more exuberant and fun when he announced an upgrade on the previously iconic Facebook logo.

Well, the Facebook logo was designed by Mark when he was in Harvard’s Kirkland dorm room, long before the company was even registered or had plans to launch.

And that pretty much explains the sheer happiness on his face.


Here’s the thing, Zuckerberg has been blamed for a considerable amount of guilt and lack of empathy over the years. And he’s not entirely to blame for all the miscalculated blunders in the first place.

Was Facebook responsible and colluded with Cambridge Analytica in the data scandal? Sure. Did right-wing nationalists around the world gain attraction because of the spread of false information on the platform? Yes.

So, why does Facebook still deserve our gratitude and the benefit of the doubt? Facebook has always been Mark’s baby. It’s his ride and yes, there have been few bumpy signals along the way.

Mark Zuckerberg’s calm composure during the conference indicated that there might be a few tricks left up his sleeve. And we can’t wait to see what’s more he’s got to show the world.

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