LinkedIn is the #1 channel for B2B marketing

//LinkedIn is the #1 channel for B2B marketing

If you don’t take full advantage of LinkedIn, you’re leaving your best prospects on the table



The general consensus among B2B content marketers declares LinkedIn as the top professional social network. LinkedIn’s capabilities are so powerful that a whooping 97% of business marketers use it for their B2B campaigns. The majority also agrees that LinkedIn is the best performing social media channel, by actively aiding organizations to accomplish specific business goals and objectives. LinkedIn advertising isn’t only highly efficient when it comes to B2B purposes; it’s also very cost-effective, as it can yield greater clickthrough rates and lower costs per lead.



Determining the fundamental business objectives and requirements


Being active on LinkedIn is certainly helpful for your business and might maintain engagement with the followers you already have. But organic reach with plain company updates will only get you this far. If you don’t properly leverage the LinkedIn marketing solutions, at some point your company will fall behind the competition. The optimal LinkedIn marketing strategy is based on the following underlying business goals:


Engagement Drive
Drive more engagement to your brand and build a strong reputation with fascinating content


Lead Generation
Generate quality leads by targeting the appropriate decision-makers in the desired sectors


Revenue Increase
Convert leads and enjoy a favorable revenue increase through carefully crafted calls to action



Designing and implementing a suitable B2B marketing plan


Once the business case is complete with your particular requirements, the strategic planning may begin. LinkedIn offers major opportunities for business marketing that deliver measurable results. You have the ability to reach your target audience through different approaches, or a combination thereof:


Sponsored Content
This method involves native ads that are shown on feeds of LinkedIn users across all devices. They may contain images, a picture carousel, or video to embellish the ads and present compelling content to targeted professionals.


Text Ads
Pay per click or impression and show your ads to the right LinkedIn audience, where they would make the greatest impact.


Message Ads
This option allows your ads to stand out from the rest, as they are directly delivered to a user’s inbox. A call to action may be included and urge readers to seek more information.


Dynamic Ads
Utilize personalized ads that are dynamically generated to match the profile of each selected target audience.


For each of the available advertising formats, a multitude of settings needs to be configured appropriately to enable the full spectrum of advantages. Finally, careful execution of the designed campaign is key to B2B marketing success on LinkedIn. The platform offers clever analytics to monitor campaign performance, which should be tested and fine-tuned periodically to ensure the utmost efficacy.



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