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Project Description

the case

The ACTION Project initiative aims to tackle the problem of vaccination hesitancy and the spread of anti-vaccination messages (misinformation) both in physical interactions and online. The Action Project was in need of a platform to raise a voice about the misinformation being spread about vaccines and to offer a range of resources to help correct this misinformation. The Action Project was also in need of a forum for discussion and debate on the issue of vaccinations and to offer a space for people to share their experiences and stories. The ACTION Project is an important initiative that is striving to ensure that accurate information about vaccines is available to all and R Digital was thrilled to assume the responsibility for the creation of their website.

our approach

R Digital worked with The ACTION Project team to determine the objectives and functionalities of the website, having in mind that it needed to be user-friendly and mobile responsive.

We agreed with the client that the best course of action was to create a custom WordPress content management system website that would meet all of their needs. The website that R Digital came to deliver is easy to use and navigate and can be updated by anyone with minimal training.
R Digital has designed this website in a way that the user can easily access the information needed from any device. In addition, a blog section has been included in order to keep the public up-to-date with the latest news and findings on vaccine hesitancy.

The ACTION Project received an SEO optimized website from R Digital, which ensures that users can find them easily online. The company also used relevant keywords in their content so as to make sure the site ranks high on search engine result pages and provides valuable information about what they do best: helping projects succeed!

In order to create an effective and engaging experience for users, R Digital used a combination of Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track and monitor user behaviour, as well as identify any potential issues with the site. This data was then used to improve the user experience and increase visitor engagement.

When developing the new website for The ACTION Project, R Digital drew on their extensive experience in web design and development and made sure to incorporate a visible and easy-to-feel enquiries section with contact form, providing users with a convenient way to get in touch. In addition, R Digital generated a listing of services section, which goes on to give to the audience all the critical information concerning The ACTION Project.


The ACTION Project website has been a resounding success in reaching audiences and creating awareness of important social issues. In the first month alone, we saw a significant increase in website traffic and engagement. We are proud to have contributed in such a way, creating an impactful tool for The ACTION Project to bring attention to pressing matters facing our society, such as vaccine hesitancy.

We are delighted that The ACTION Project has found an additional way to amplify the role they have on important social issues and furthering the mission of creating positive change in our communities.

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