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Project Description

the case

Beyond Speech is a comprehensive speech-language pathology centre, offering communication-related services, such as speech therapy.

In order to properly communicate their services and other relevant information, Beyond Speech wanted to launch a website that would contain information in a structured and organised manner by establishing an optimal user experience.

Website Development

Website Development

our approach

We have developed a website that properly presents the brand’s vision and services by strategically arranging content and information in appropriate positions on the website.

With the purpose of achieving an optimal user experience, we ensured that the website has low loading times, presented information in a clear and straightforward manner, and, as a result, make the user experience faster and more convenient when looking for relevant information.


Establishing a clean, well-structured website with low loading times, has resulted in visitors having optimal browsing and user experience. Users may now contact a speedy visitation, ensuring low bounce rates and enhanced satisfaction throughout their navigational experience.

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