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the case

CYCOM Business Solutions Ltd operates in the information technology sector, specializing in software solutions for today’s demanding and competitive business environment.

As a means of achieving a strong online presence, CYCOM’s desire was the development of a highly convenient, user-friendly website. The primary objective was to establish a strong online presence, which would lead to more website traffic and referrals, while other objectives included restructuring of massive information presented on the website and improvement of its aesthetic appeal.

Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development

our approach

The very first step was to set and develop the design and functional aspects of the website. Properly presentation of information on the website was vital in establishing user-friendly accessibility, visual clarity and ease of navigation for visitors, while simultaneously ensuring an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Once the website design and development was completed, our approach involved leveraging SEO techniques in order to ensure proper crawling by search engines bots.

The final phase included technical validation, user acceptance testing, and site launch. The overall process was smooth and completed on schedule. The result was a website that differentiates CYCOM’s digital presence compared to competitors’ of the same industry.


After the proper categorization of information and services, CYCOM enjoyed a more functional and convenient website. We got CYCOM in front of more customers with our highly-effective and robust SEO services focused on strategic guidance, analysis, and performance accountability.

With the implementation of SEO tactics, our client experienced an unprecedented increase in organic search results, which lead to an increase in website traffic and referral rates.

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