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Project Description

the case

The Cyprus League Against Rheumatism is an NGO dedicated to offering support, education, treatment, and rehabilitation services to any individual affected by rheumatism-related disorders, diseases or syndromes, as well as support for their families.

Founded in 1984 by medical professionals with a focus on rheumatism and individuals dealing with rheumatism, the League aimed to advocate for the rights of sufferers and patients diagnosed with rheumatism-related conditions. Through research, conference attendance and a rigorous program of courses, events, activities and lessons for rheumatism sufferers, the League is striving to contribute to better conditions and a better-informed public.

The League’s aim is to ultimately provide rheumatism patients and their families with the best possible quality of life, easy and quick access to medical care and support, psychological support and advisory for optimal integration to everyday life and social interaction.

The League seeks to cultivate and maintain a steady volunteer drive, as well as attracting donations and public interest for its various actions.

Considering the wide range of needs the League has, its website needed to be a perfect fit, able to serve and support all these activities. It was also necessary for the site to provide easy access to information on the various rheumatic conditions as well as the aspects and elements pertinent to the League, from the League’s Board of Directors to its history and vision.

our approach

The League needed a complex yet user-friendly, easy to navigate website.

R Digital handled the various and complex needs by first designing the look and structure of the website: navigation is designed to be easily accessible at all times as the user explores the various pages of the site.

The color palette was carefully chosen to be inviting and stimulating without being overwhelming, serving as a backdrop for the important content the League has to present to the public.

All images were designed by R Digital to be appealing and decorative while at the same time also informative in some manner, helping the user quickly find the information he/she is seeking.

The entire website was developed on the WordPress Content Management System with a fully functional eShop over WooCommerce, custom adjusted to the specific products and services offered by the League. Specifically, JCC Payment Processor was fully integrated into the online shop, thus rendering the League’s website able to accept donations as well as payments for services and products as needed.

Furthermore, R Digital set up a Paypal Business Account which was then connected to the eShop for even more payment options to be made available to the user.

R Digital also undertook the setup of Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts to monitor traffic and other information regarding the website’s traffic.

Lastly, R Digital’s robust and highly reliable hosting services were used to guarantee that the League’s site remains available around the clock without fail.


R Digital’s approach to designing the League’s website was to ensure ease of navigation, user-friendly interface, inviting design and a focus on the informative nature of the site, as well as a promotion of the League’s various services, products, and calls for volunteers and donations.

With the unobtrusive, pleasant and stimulating color scheme, the constant presence of all necessary navigation tools, excellent graphics and interactive schematics, R Digital succeeded in creating a complex site that appears simple exactly because it is streamlined, well designed, and focused on maximizing the quality of user experience.

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