National Addictions Authority of Cyprus

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Project Description


The National Addictions Authority of Cyprus (NAAC) is the principal coordinating body in the area of both legal and illegal addictive substances, as well as pathological gambling. The Authority consists of two departments which are heavily focused on Policy and Monitoring of their related areas of concern. The Policy department is geared towards promoting legislation and implementing an effective regulatory framework for addictive substances, whereas the Monitoring department is targeted towards affected individuals and provision of resources for treatment. The NAAC is deeply involved in preventing substance abuse in the community, while actively supporting people with established issues to achieve recovery.

Due to the sensitive nature of NAAC’s activities, the goal was to raise public awareness while remaining discreet and respecting the privacy of interested parties. The organization wished to widely communicate substance abuse information and available rehabilitation programs, so that the messaging would reach as many people as possible. Thus, advancing public and mental health in the community, along with the overall quality of life for the affected individuals and their families. The NAAC values transparency, confidentiality and personalized support approaches, which were taken into account during the strategic planning process.


By applying specialized methodologies combined with expert execution, we successfully achieved impressive growth in user engagement through all channels. Public awareness was boosted and by extension, the traffic of the NAAC website increased sharply. The website traffic wasn’t only higher in terms of unique visitors but also in regard to time spent on each page and number of pages visited. 

Furthermore, the base of social media followers was enriched and the NAAC experienced a strong increase in requests for information, assistance or other specific calls-to-action. Subsequently, the organization was able to better serve its purpose and benefit society by spreading knowledge and support where it matters. The social media organic reach and engagement naturally inflated, as more followers stayed up-to-date with the organization’s news.

Brand communication was also improved with the efficient use of multiple channels and timely responses to quality messaging. Prompt communication builds on the organization’s trustworthiness while users enjoy an impeccable experience. The initial interactions with the NAAC are critical for afflicted individuals and their loved ones. By achieving a smooth early communication, the organization is setting the foundation for effective future substance abuse prevention and treatment.

The above favourable results can be sustained through skilful campaign management and maintenance, in conjunction with improved multi-channel communication. The overall brand image was refined and solidified in terms of audience perception, which constitutes another key aspect of a streamlined operation for the NAAC organization. Ultimately, this collaboration achieved documented benefits which fortified the position of the National Addictions Authority of Cyprus; the admirable work of fighting addictions and improving society gained an ally in spreading the word. 


R digital agency consulted with the NAAC representatives and crafted the most suitable Digital Strategy to achieve the required deliverables, in perfect alignment with the organization’s mission and vision. The brand manual was composed, which included comprehensive digital communication, guidelines on how to utilize the brand online, social media templates and user personas. The aforementioned tools were openly shared with the NAAC so that internal stakeholders had the opportunity to reap their benefits within the organization.

Social Media Management was exclusively handled by the agency on a monthly basis, including content generation and graphic designs production. We leveraged our marketing expertise and commenced execution of tailor-made Social Media Advertising to reach segments of the population with relevant information. Our ongoing Posts Promotions and Page Likes Campaigns target specific audiences with matching messages. Additionally, we kept fine-tuning the campaign configuration until the optimal results were reached. 

The online advertising strategy for NAAC also encompasses ongoing Google Display Ads, where we set up strong campaigns with beautiful custom banner designs. All campaigns are meticulously managed by regularly monitoring results and performing the necessary adjustments to improve performance. The outcome is consistently evaluated through Google Analytics and other tools, which clearly represent measurable parameters of execution and generate informative reports.

We additionally provided thorough training on Mailchimp and Email Marketing, enabling the NAAC staff to effectively handle newsletters and email communications in-house.

As part of our collaboration with the NAAC, R digital agency also translated part of the website from Greek to English, ensuring uniformity with the original materials. The overall aim was to implement an inclusive digital strategy by holistically evaluating different aspects of NAAC’s online presence.


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