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Project Description

the case

R Digital is proud to have successfully delivered a website that accurately reflects the brand identity of GOVR, the first VR arcade gaming centre in Cyprus and the largest one in Europe in terms of Game titles. The new website captures the unique offering of GOVR with strong visuals and clear messaging, creating an online presence that will generate interest and excitement amongst potential customers.

our approach

The website, developed by R Digital, is user-friendly and mobile responsive, with a WordPress CMS that brings out all the innovations that can be found at GOVR. The new site is simple to use, allowing the website’s guests to easily navigate and reach the desirable section.

The GOVR website was designed to provide an immersive experience for users that would live up to high standards set by industry giants such as Ubisoft and Avril Labs. To do this, we closely followed design guidelines provided by these world-renowned companies with our own twist.

The website features standalone pages for each escape room game, as well as calendar and booking management functionality that allows users to see and book available slots online. The website is also SEO optimized. This ensures that the website gets organic traffic and also ranks high on relevant keywords, which drives more traffic to the website. Furthermore, it has a clean and modern design, which makes it easy for users to navigate and find what they are looking for. The escape room games are clearly laid out and easy to book.

The site is also integrated with the Six payment processor for online payments. R Digital also went through with the setup and implementation of Google Analytics as well as Google Search Console, always keeping in mind the need of the client to lead people to this new website.


The site’s pages were created with the user’s experience in mind from the very beginning. The layout was designed to be clean and simple, while still providing all the necessary information that potential customers would need. The Calls-To-Action were placed strategically throughout the pages to guide users towards taking the desired actions. Thanks to all these factors, the site has been successful in achieving its goal of generating leads for the client’s business.

The end result is a fresh, modern website that accurately reflects the brand identity of GOVR and sets it apart from its competitors. We are confident that the new website will help GOVR to attract even more customers and grow its business.

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