Project Description

the case

HealthPharma is an innovative company specializing in the provision of top-quality medical, beauty, and skincare products.

Based in Cyprus and with more than 25 years of expertise in the field and a highly specialized team, HealthPharma is providing their clients with innovative, cutting-edge products for different types of skincare types, needs, concerns, and therapies.

To reflect HealthPharma’s commitment to scientific excellence, a website able to support the company’s wide range of products was necessary, without compromising design or functionality issues. The site needed to appear elegant and minimalistic while also being user-friendly, easy to navigate, and serving partners & consumers from an eCommerce perspective.

R Digital accepted the challenge and worked closely with HealthPharma executives to create a website that would efficiently and easily serve each need without compromising in style or brand awareness.

our approach

HealthPharma needed its website to have an efficient e-shop and presentation of their available products while also making a statement about the company’s mission, values, and character. R Digital has extensive experience in creating a strong, powerful online presence without sacrificing functionality or allowing the site to appear overwhelming to the user.

The most efficient Content Management System, Worpress CMS, was used for developing the site.  Regarding the design, R Digital applied and converted the characteristic aesthetic of HealthPharma’s long-standing brand logo and style into a clear, elegant, and immediately recognizable website environment. To achieve that, R Digital did full customization of the WordPress Theme used, adapting and finetuning it to perfectly suit the design chosen for HealthPharma’s online presence.

The result was a very swift website that is also responsive, making it fully functional on all devices while retaining its aesthetics. In addition, to ensure maximum satisfaction in users’ experience, a clear navigation path along with the structure of product categories was implemented.

One of the biggest challenges HealthPharma’s website presented was its online e-shop. With the extensive collection of products available and the several different functionalities needed, the risk of having a cumbersome e-shop was high. R Digital’s expertise in creating efficient presentations and highly functional eCommerce platforms though made for an e-shop that appears deceptively simple and easy to navigate despite its complexity.

WordPress’s WooCommerce platform for e-shops was implemented and customized to fit the website theme. Products were then categorized in main categories with several subcategories, with menus and submenus that flow easily but with coherent order into one another, to allow the user to immediately find what they are looking for even without the search function. Users can also use filters to make their search more efficient.

The site is designed to cater to wholesale as well as retail needs, so pricegroups for B2B orders was another function added, as well as capacity for easily noticeable discounts on products and an affiliates’ reward scheme. R Digital also added to the efficiency with an automatic stock update function. An efficient online payment processor was also implemented, including integration with the VIVA wallet.

For HealthPharma’s marketing and outreach needs, R Digital created a blog section for news and updates and also implemented a newsletter subscription functionality. This was integrated with the MailChimp e-mail marketing platform.

Furthermore, R Digital set up HealthPharma’s Google Analytics account as well as its Google Search Console account and sitemap submission to ensure searchability is optimized. The website itself is built to be very search engine friendly.

R Digital also designed the website to be fully responsive on mobile devices and also compatible with social media. Lastly, to ensure that loading times for the website are minimized and overall efficiency is maximized, R Digital also provides the website’s hosting service.


R Digital’s cutting-edge approach combined with experience, expertise, and excellent communication with the client made for a modern, attractive website with high functionality and complexity that doesn’t overwhelm or make it difficult for the user in any way.

The end result says it all:

A fully functional and complex eCommerce platform with a user-friendly, simple, and minimalistic design and approach!

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