Project Description

the case

R Digital is excited to announce the completion of a new website for PestXperts, a leading provider of Integrated Pest Management Services. The new website features a modern design that meets the expectations of the client who wanted something practical and contemporary. The website is designed to attract the eye of clients but also to offer a clear description of its services.

our approach

R Digital understands that in today’s fast-paced world, it’s important to be able to access information quickly and easily. That’s why we’ve designed the website to be user-friendly and mobile responsive, so that it can be easily accessed on any device.

R Digital made sure to deliver to PestXperts an SEO optimized website, so that users can find it easily online. R Digital also used relevant keywords that are included in the website content to make sure PestXperts would rank high in search engine results pages.

Google analytics and search console are two of the most important tools that a website owner can use to track their site’s performance and ensure that it is reaching its target audience. R Digital has set up both of these accounts for PestXperts, so that they can benefit from their wealth of data and insights. Google Analytics provides detailed information about website traffic, including where users are coming from and what pages they are spending the most time on. This data can be used to fine-tune the website and make sure that it is providing the right content for its visitors.

Meanwhile, R Digital implemented the WordPress CMS for the easy management of the content by the website’s admins. Regarding design & structure, our team implemented and enhanced the themed design selected by the client. The website’s structure and the clear presentation of services make it convenient for visitors to check out the services provided by Pestxperts and submit their interest for a quotation of services.


PestXperts is a company that is committed to providing effective and sustainable pest management solutions that protect people and the environment through the wide range of services it has. Through this website, R Digital managed to capture all these elements in a simple and practical manner.

R Digital is excited to see how the new website helps PestXperts to grow their business in the future

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