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Project Description

the case

Salome’s Beauty Spa is a comprehensive skin coaching and beauty therapy spa in Nicosia, Cyprus where the latest technologies, methods, and approaches are used to give clients the best possible beauty care.

At Salome’s Beauty Spa, each client is given complete and bespoke services, tailoring each treatment perfectly to their unique and particular needs. Through skin coaching, clients receive personalized care for their skin type to acquire healthy, glowing skin. Aftercare extends to the home with consultations and advice, as the skin coach continues caring remotely for the client. All beauty treatments for the face and body are evidence-based with the latest equipment. The spa also features excellent facilities for relaxation, rejuvenation, weight loss, and other affirming services.

Salome’s Beauty Spa needed a digital presence that would reflect the sum of these services, make the business known, and make its products available online.

our approach

The R Digital team first focused on creating a state-of-the-art, fully responsive website for Salome’s Beauty Spa. Since the general vision and mission of the business is to offer clients the latest in evidence-based techniques and scientifically tested products, R Digital aimed to deliver a site design that would reflect that.
WordPress was chosen as the most robust, efficient, and flexible content management system (CMS). The selected WordPress theme was then fully customized to fit Salome’s Beauty Spa’s brand and aesthetics.

R Digital specializes in full customization of WordPress Themes to keep the site’s feel unique rather than cookie-cutter. This helps the business to stand out from the competition and stay memorable for possible clients. The site’s navigation flow and its design also underlined the dynamic style of the business. Special attention was paid to making the site extremely easy to navigate, keeping it user-friendly on all devices.

The team also equipped the site with Google Analytics, setting up the necessary Google Analytics account to monitor traffic and information about site visitors as a necessary baseline for boosting the Spa’s digital presence. At the same time, the entire site was designed and coded to be social media and search engine friendly.
With the Spa’s website properly prepared, R Digital focused on boosting and enhancing its digital presence. R Digital provided coordinated social media advertising services for the promotion of specific campaigns to targeted audiences.

The team designed all necessary texts and images for regular posting on Spa’s Facebook and Instagram accounts after a thorough market mapping and research, to optimize the efficiency of the campaigns. Blog posts and other content on tips for beauty, nutrition, and skincare were composed for posting on the site blog as well as on the Spa’s various business social media, for maximising awareness and engagement.


Within the first few weeks after R Digital took up Salome Beauty Spa’s marketing and promotional campaigning, results were spectacular: there was a drastic increase in new visitors and general traffic to the Spa’s new, high-performance website.

Also, over Social Media Advertising, targetted audiences were systematically reached, increasing brand awareness, and exponentially generating leads for appointments. Site use and design aided in the conversion of these leads to sales and clients for the Spa, making for a high Return on Investment.

The continuous performance of both the website and the social media and ad campaigns yielded yet another resounding success for R Digital.

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