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Influencer marketing is continuously evolving, branching out to various sub-categories and types:

  • Micro-Influencers
  • Celebrity Influencers
  • Blog Influencers
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Key Opinion Leaders

While every type of influencer is effective in some way, the key is to recognise which types are the most relevant to your business and in what ways you can utilise them in order to bring about the best results associated with your objectives. There are a lot of variables that, when used appropriately, can create a unique equation of success for each and every company. However, searching for the right influencer for your brand, followed by creating and shaping an influencer campaign suited for your objectives can be daunting, which is why we are here to guide and assist you!

First things first, the only constant variable in influencer marketing is change. Yes, it is slightly contradicting, but since it encompasses the very nature of humans – change and evolution- then it is only natural that with the help of a fast-moving digital era, influencer marketing continuously and relentlessly changes. With a two-thirds increase in influencer marketing budgets in 2019 and businesses having an 89% ROI from influencer marketing compared to other marketing channels, influencer marketing is at its prime, where carefully developed influencer marketing strategies are a must.

Influencer marketing can also vary throughout the year, with a change of seasons there has to come a change in your marketing strategy, including influencer campaigns. During the summer period, there are industries that work better in comparison with other seasons, with each industry matching with a combination of types of influencers, again depending on the company’s objectives. Industries that would work well with influencers during the summer include:

Retail businesses

Retail businesses that sell summer-related products such as clothing, accessories, tech products and so on, can experience spikes in sales during the summer as long as they properly promote their products to break through the clutter of competition.

Influencers that love blogging about new products indicating their use and benefits are ideal for such businesses, including social media influencers who like to use the products in context when presenting them in a post or a story. Such influencers are ideal for retail businesses, as it is a great way to demonstrate the products’ attributes and benefits through people that are admired by their followers. Instead of just creating a long list of the product’s characteristics and suggestions of how it will benefit the user, influencers can successfully present those benefits in a more practical and realistic manner, leveraging the trust established between their followers and, as a result, being more convincing and influential.


The hotel industry, especially near the coast, has perhaps the highest demand during the summer in comparison to other industries. Demand is certain and at high rates, and so is competition. Hotels differ from other industries because they do not just offer a comfortable room for someone to sleep in, it is all about experience and creating memories. Therefore, hotels would promote not only their rooms, but also their restaurants, bars, spa centres and other activities and services they may offer. It is a combination of products and services that result in creating a story through positive experiences.

The most effective and relevant influencers for such businesses are those who love to travel and frequent facilities that are included in hotels, like restaurants, spas, massage centres etc. Influencers that blog, are active on social media, are micro-influencers or celebrities, can be effective as long as they are masterful in constructing appealing stories that will trigger their audiences desire to book their next vacation at that particular hotel in the hope of recreating the influencer’s experience.

Events and summer activities

In most cultures, summer is directly associated with entertainment, which is why events and other outgoing activities are very attractive and have a high demand during this season. Outgoing influencers that are more adventurous, social and extroverted are typically best suited to portray their experience when attending such events. Followers that are social and extroverted themselves will easily relate to the influencer’s experience, while followers that are less outgoing may also be intrigued to try something new and exciting.

Businesses such as clubs, sports and other entertainment summer activities should also be incredibly focused on creating a story around the experience they offer with the help of influencers. In addition, influencers that have a visually striking social media profile or blog are more effective by representing the experience in a more creative way.


Beauty is yet another industry that has a major effect on people during the summer. Due to being a warmer season people do not dress as heavily as other seasons, which creates an increase in self-awareness over their physical appearance. As a result, people will take better care of their skin, weight, hair and wellness in general.

Beauty salon and spa centers that offer body and face treatments and other skincare services are desirable both because of an increase in self-awareness and due to the association of summer with relaxation. This gives people an unspoken permission to treat themselves, whether in the form of getting a well-deserved massage, buying a new perfume or even having a cosmetic procedure. Influencers that focus on beauty and treat their followers with various tips and products that would help them improve their wellness are the most effective in promoting these products. As the fashion and beauty industries have significantly changed over the past few years, influencers have their own unique style and manner in which they approach their followers. Instead of a well-rehearsed post, story or blog, influencers have become more honest and genuine, becoming more relatable to their audience. This also means that each brand must make sure that their brand identity is consistent with the influencer’s identity as a means of ensuring that the audience will also relate to the promoted product or service.

What now?

Choosing the right influencer for your brand can be overwhelming to say the least. Whether it is for a single promotion or as a brand ambassador, it is of vital importance to make the right choice in order to accurately represent and communicate your brand & product to the right audience.

Having collaborated with influencers for a wide variety of products and services, we have acquired the knowledge, skills and experience needed to undertake a successful influencer campaign. We have established one of the largest networks of social influencers in Cyprus and would love to help you develop a successful influencer marketing plan with the right influencer for your brand. Contact us to find out more about how we can bring value to your business through influencer marketing this summer!

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