The 2019 Facebook IQ Topics and Trends Report

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From starting out in 2004 as a simple way for people to connect over the internet, Facebook has grown as a global conglomerate that helps businesses reach out to consumers with better marketing strategies.

As the most widely used social media network with over a billion users, it’s needless to say that Facebook knows a lot about what consumers are interested in. To help businesses optimize their marketing and operational strategies, Facebook IQ releases a ‘Trends and topics’ report that features all the themes that are set to be the most talked-about in the upcoming year. Here’s what the 2019 report forecasts.


A Green ‘Nineteen

The report predicts that the year’s trends will focus on consumer’s demands to reduce the effect of global warming by focusing on cleaner and greener solutions for packaging, clothing, and living, in general.

After the U.S. withdrew from the Paris Agreement, environmental-consciousness is growing and individual users are focusing on limiting their carbon footprint. This led to an increase in related discussions on the popular social media platform.


Beauty & Fashion

Both the beauty and fashion industries are developing new ways to become more environmentally conscious. In terms of beauty, Korea’s 10-step skincare routine is gathering plenty of traction. Moreover, consumers are shifting their focus toward products that contain a unique range of natural and organic ingredients.

In a response to these new demands, beauty businesses are realizing the impact that micro-exfoliating beads can have on the environment, and switching them out for nut shells and sugar crystals.



Throughout the last year, media outlets began to shift their focus toward the long-lasting impact of using plastics. People are aiming to reduce plastic usage, and while consumers are showing a preference for a variety of eco-friendly products, straws were at the center of attention.

The number of searches for things, like reusable straws, went up by over 200 percent. Similarly, corporations are looking into the potential for removing carbon dioxide from emissions before releasing them.

In the marketing domain, the trend of influencers is on the rise as popular brand users are looking for ways to monetize their social media presence, also known as ‘selfie selling’. This allows them to promote their own style and identity at the same time as generating audience engagement for the brand.



A major concern for audiophiles is how the development of new formats results in a loss of sound quality. Cassette tapes didn’t have the same fidelity that vinyl records did, and mp3 formats didn’t alleviate the problem of quality, despite being more convenient. Wi-Fi enabled wireless speakers are shapeshifting into smart speakers that can allow homeowners to hear their voice assistants from anywhere in their house.

Considering how many households have a wireless speaker, it’s no secret that there’s a growing focus on the quality of wireless audio.

Technology has made it easier for Gen Z to use escapist pastimes that can help them relax or enjoy a thrilling experience. Streaming websites like Twitch, which is dedicated solely to gaming, is gaining more viewers and even introduced a payment system that allows them to cheer on their favorite players.

On the other hand, players are investing in different ‘skins’ for online games, like Fortnite. In terms of wellness, Gen Z is fairly interested in the relaxing and soothing effects of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response-based videos.



In a day and age when people want to make healthier food choices, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re looking to switch out components of popular soul foods with healthier alternatives. Since the last decade, the number of Americans switching to a gluten-free diet has tripled, while more eaters are forming a preference for paleo foods.
To sum it up, the new food trend involves making healthier food choices without compromising on flavor.


Mind and Body

To enhance their productivity levels, workers are looking to manage their workflow software and mindfulness techniques. In their search for higher levels of productivity, people are leaning toward principles of mental optimization, which can de-clutter the mind, and develop focus.

Millennials and Gen Z-ers value the concept of a great experience far more than materials themselves, which has led to the trend of spending money on wellness experiences, like self-care, detoxes, and even practices like intermittent fasting.

This shows how willing they are to achieve better health and enjoy life to the fullest.


Science and Technology

The gaming paradigm is evolving beyond the simple console, and game live streaming platforms are getting more daily views than news channels like CNN. Now that more consumers are interested in participating in a virtual world, they’re demanding better and realistic graphics.

Words like display resolution, palette, and composting are all commonly used to define a digital view, and gamers are far more eager to learn about how their favorite masterpieces are developed.

With the mass availability of smartphones and expansion of the IoT, consumers are demanding higher levels of interactivity and functionality from connected appliances. By adding a responsive screen into objects and appliances, users can have access to different information in the process.

While the first space race was between different governments, the newest edition is a heated competition between private conglomerates. Now that the topic of regular people going on the moon and colonizing Mars is a significant discussion, personalities like Neil DeGrasse Tyson and theories, like the Big Bounce, are coming back into focus.


Travel and Leisure

Social media sites are allowing users to derive inspiration for almost anything; from artwork to photography, and food to fashion. Now, users are taking ideas for their next travel destination. After seeing scenic views of the outdoors on their friends’ Instagram story, users can’t help but ponder whether they should go on a hike next weekend too, even if they never considered themselves as big fans of the great outdoors.

This has led to the rising trend of having accessible adventures that don’t cost a fortune and a plane ticket. With the help of new amenities, more people can join in on the fun of exploring the outdoors, something that was previously reserved for people who knew their way around the wilderness.

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