The 2020 Facebook Christmas Package Guide

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse for Holiday Season 2020


It’s almost an understatement to say that COVID-19 has changed our lives. The profound impact of the pandemic is evident in nearly all aspects of society, from politics to the environment.


The marketing and sales terrain is no exception, of course! COVID-19 has affected and will continue to affect customer activity. In fact, it’s in this way that customers are drastically changing their behavior where the opportunity arises for businesses to get ahead of the competition during this year’s holiday season.


R Digital’s mission is to ensure that all our clients benefit from the latest developments when it comes to promotion and customer engagement. We are dedicated to keeping you well ahead of the curve and ready to seize every opportunity available to boost your business online and stand above the competition.


That’s why we have attended the latest Facebook webinar where the newest surveys reveal how customers seek to celebrate and shop during this Christmas and Winter Holiday Season, especially with coronavirus caution informing a good part of buyers’ behavior.




It’s with these insights and more that we will help you win this Christmas season!


According to the surveys discussed in the webinar, consumers are actively changing their behavior and their approaches to shopping and browsing for various products. Shopping online is quickly becoming the most popular way to make purchases because delivery to one’s address or, at the worst, quick and efficient pick-up at specific points give customers a better sense of safety from COVID-19.


As a result, we are expecting the majority of retail growth in 2020 to be digital and mobile- which means that businesses with a good digital presence and user-friendly responsive sites are more likely to have positive engagement, lead generation and conversion rates.


Three important insights to keep in mind as you are designing your Q4 marketing and advertising campaigns can be summed up in the following:

  • GenX and Boomers are driving eCommerce growth
  • Imposed disruption makes customers open to new products and services
  • The imminent economic downturn will render big shopping events more important




How should these insights serve your business during the holiday season?


Making it easy for GenX and Boomers to shop online is vital. So, make sure that your digital design is such that shopping is seamless, efficient, and rapid. Your ultimate goal this season should be to make the process of purchasing as easy as possible for people in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s: they are the ones at the wheel of the online shopping surge!


Keep in mind that due to quarantine, but also because the holiday season is swiftly approaching, people are more likely to plan early regarding the purchases they intend to make. They also are more likely to self-reward with small, more affordable luxuries. Adjust your campaign so that your items will be discovered way earlier than the height of Christmas frenzy, and help some impulse buys along!


COVID-19 has impacted peoples’ wallets. As a result, they’re more likely to wait for big promotional and discount events to do their shopping, such as Black Friday or Cyber-Monday, especially for big purchases. Exploit those big shopping events by making the customer experience enjoyable, rather than highly stressful or a chase, for a higher conversion rate.




How Can R Digital Help


At R Digital we are prepared to help you actualize and efficiently apply all of the above cutting edge approaches, to ensure that you also get to enjoy this process of preparing for Christmas as much as your customers will.


Let’s build together your most productive and rewarding holiday season!



The 2020 Facebook Christmas Package Guide



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