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Digital Public Relations

Tell your story to the world!

Building a successful and friendly relationship with the users residing in the digital world is crucial for an impactful digital public relations plan. We work with businesses to develop their Digital PR strategy through stories that will convey their message accurately, articulately and persuasively, building long-term customer relationships and increasing the brand’s reach, visibility and credibility.

Through creative storytelling, our team achieves authentic communication and generates bottom-line results. Digital PR is all about combining traditional PR with content marketing. This environment also requires integration of visual technology into the story. Moreover, a timely social media update or creative social contest, or mention from an influencer can have as much impact as a traditional news story.

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to make people feel and connect with your brand.”

What we do

Digital Public Relations - Influencers Marketing

Influencers Marketing

We amplify a brand’s story by co-operating with the influencers across social media, blogs and other online media. The R Digital team ensures that all content produced by the influencers aligns with the brand’s DNA, while allowing them to carry branded messages authentically into conversations.

Digital Public Relations - Content Partnerships

Content Partnerships

We collaborate with the media and influencers and help them cover branded stories, which are relevant both to the media outlet and their readers. We produce content that is always memorable, thought-provoking, humorous and educational, along with visually appealing assets which enrich the story.

Digital Public Relations - Crisis Management

Digital Crisis Management

With the growing use of digital media, managing reputation is becoming more important than ever. Companies need to respond fast and transparently to a crisis; otherwise, misinformation and distortion will fill the vacuum. At R Digital, we help companies identify issues and develop crisis response plans in advance while ensuring that the brand can respond to issues appropriately and promptly.

Digital Public Relations - Global Communication

Digital PR – Global Communication

At R Digital, we have built a strong, international communications network in more than 10 countries to help you achieve real business goals across borders. We are partnering with the leading marketing, advertising, online marketing and PR agencies in the Middle East and Central / Eastern Europe which are offering effective 360º integrated communication services through traditional and digital mediums.

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