5 Trends that will Improve your Retail Marketing in 2019

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2019 brings new trends that redefine retail marketing. Whether it is marketing campaigns or loyalty programs, retail marketing has evolved. There is no doubt that retail marketing has seen many dynamics with its volatile trends in different eras. Among them, what remains constant is the consistent brand image that all retailers want to maintain.

The strategies of retail marketing may vary from brand to brand. Some retailers count on offering a discount on products to drive customer attention while others are more into taking advantage of social issues to persuade clients.

No matter what your retail marketing strategy is, it is essential to know the upcoming trends that will rock retail marketing in the current year. Below we include the five trends to help you improve retail marketing:

2019 Leading Trends to Improve Retail Marketing

Bold Ad Campaigns

There is no doubt that marketing is not just limited to throwing discount deals. There is much scope to broaden this spectrum. And one way to do this is incorporating bold ideas into ad campaigns, just like Colin Kaepernick’s Just Do it Nike’s roster in last September. Whether you agree or not, the ad managed to capture the viewer’s attention.

The point is bold campaigns including controversies can drive attention. Plus, inclusive marketing and innovative ideas that challenge stereotypical mentality, just as IKEA Canada did with its drag queen ad are ready to make their space in retail marketing in 2019.

Upgraded Loyalty Programs

This is going to be a prominent shift as loyalty programs will upgrade their marketing tactics. A number of retailers are already incorporating new loyalty programs or replacing traditional ones. Macy’s Plenti program where the customer doesn’t need a store card, Kohl’s combined loyalty program and cash-free programs are few good examples of this updated trend. Starbuck’s loyalty program is also in the list that allows customers to save time they often wasted while waiting to pick up the order.

Integrating Social and Political Issues in the Marketing

Marketers are now into integrating and highlighting social issues that influence or affect the lives of their consumers in one way or other. The change is notable in the campaign of Sporting Goods made by Dick. The brand announced that it wouldn’t sell assault-style rifles at its retailing stores. The decision expressed solidarity with the Parkland, Florida High School massacre victims.

The social-oriented ad campaigns are a new trend in retail marketing, whether it’s SodaStream’s ad to ban plastic pollution or another giant brand striving to make a change through their advertisements.

Powerful Branding

Despite being a slippery slope, branding is something businesses need to continue focusing on. Some top brands, such as Victoria’s Secret, already suffered a decline in sales due to poor branding and tough competition in the market. Nike, for example, received backlash for encouraging unequal workplace from the customers when it placed emphasis only on its female customers in one of its ad campaigns.

In short, to stay connected with the customers, the right branding is of paramount importance.

Focused Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is undeniably an integral part of this domain. From younger shoppers to senior citizens, it provides everyone with equal opportunities to interact with their favorite brands. Plus, it keeps the retailer engaged, providing a platform to determine the needs of the target customers. They can speak to their customers, answer their queries and listen to their complaints. For retailers, social media marketing is a convenient way to build customer loyalty.

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