7 Ways the Digital Marketing Landscape Will Be Shaped in 2019

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Whether it is a native advertising network messaging app or website or social media platform, digital marketing has changed everything. The diverse landscape of digital marketing has reached the new pinnacle of advanced technology. Since 2019 is already underway it has already raised the bar in terms of advanced technologies, platforms and strategies.

The good news is that in 2019 we will be experiencing some high-tech changes and some of them will promote businesses and maintain an online presence. Most of the changes will be seen in the realm of digital marketing. Here we will discuss a few of them.

Interesting Digital Marketing Trends of 2019

1. Voice Search

Voice recognition technology is one of the most exciting yet helpful technologies that will get more advanced in 2019. According to recent statistics, approximately 50% of people will be using voice search by 2020. That doesn’t mean it will completely replace text-search, but this technology will help marketers expand and improve their brand significantly.

2. Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising saw great traction in 2018 and it is expected to gain more popularity this year also. The technology has changed traditional means of online advertising. Commonly known as programmatic marketing, it has great importance in media marketing. Marketers can buy ad space and rely on complex algorithms to deliver ads contextually.

3. Video Marketing

This latest trend and swiftly-growing strategy has brought a plethora of marketing opportunities for modern marketers. Through this potential platform, marketers can build customer rapport, promote brands, product and services. The digital marketing medium allows marketers to promote consumer testimonials and live streaming to portray their brand in the most favorable light.

4. Artificial Intelligence in Audience Targeting

This 2019 digital marketing trend is really useful when it comes to reaching the right audience. A number of businesses have incorporated AI-powered platforms to improve customer profiling. The technology helps marketers understand their target audience. Plus, it helps a marketer find what kind of strategies will improve customer engagement.

5. Visual Search

Visual search is another cutting-edge technology that will be trending in 2019. It helps customers find relevant information. Many businesses have already started taking advantage of visual search. The technology enables customers to find reviews of the products they are looking for. All they need to do is to upload a picture of an item they want information about and the technology does the rest.

6. Facebook- a less Popular Social Media Platform

This might sound surprising, but Facebook is not the most popular social media platform anymore. A Pew research found that 2019 will see the decline of Facebook because many people have changed the ways they would interact with this platform in the future.

7. Personalization in Emails

Email marketing is not very uncommon when we talk about digital marketing. It has been an integral part of this domain for decades. Following the same trend, email marketing will continue to evolve in 2019 with more customer-friendly features. It combines features like data analytics, personalization and automation in order to leverage email marketing potential.

All these trends are great to increase advertising revenues and will shape the landscape of digital marketing in 2019.

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