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We are really pleased that R digital has recently been awarded the Google Partner badge by Google LLC.

This means we’ve been officially certified by Google and have demonstrated the skills and expertise to help clients grow their customer base and revenue income using Google Ads pay-per-click. As a Google Ads Certified agency, we can now display the Google Partner badge on our website with pride.

Partnering with a Google agency, without a doubt, is one of the best ideas if you want to make the most of your marketing campaign. A Google Partner agency does not only deliver a better campaign but also helps companies increase their online visibility.

However, using this platform is not as straightforward as many companies think. That means if you choose an agency that offers Google Ads and PPC campaigns, but does not have Google certification to manage your ads account, your company might have to pay more.

What is a Certified Google Partner Agency?

Becoming a certified Google partner agency means you get an official seal and approval from Google. Plus, Google Partner Agencies are constantly evaluated to maintain a high standard. This status requires an agency to have employees who are certified Google Ads experts. Agents must meet Google’s requirements, and standards, via sustained growth in client base and participation in training programs.

When you consider hiring a digital agency to outsource ad campaigns, make sure you check its Google Ads qualification, reporting experience, and the way it optimizes campaigns.

Benefits of working with a Google Partner Agency

There is no denying that a certified Google Partner agency doesn’t only have sufficient Google Ads knowledge but it is also dedicated to PPC advertising and paid marketing for different clients. They are expert in managing display ads, retargeting ads, YouTube ads and paid search through SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

Following are some of the key benefits you can achieve by working with a Google partner Agency

1. Direct Connection with Google

To attract potential clients, staying abreast of advanced features and recent trends is of paramount importance. For that, you need to have a direct connection with Google that can help keep you updated about current changes.

Google partner agencies, in this regard, have direct communication with Google. Whether it is about getting pertinent insights, ongoing training, or information about account optimization, a Google partner agency can communicate directly with Google.

They are in contact with Google representatives to find information about scheduled meetings where they can discuss clients’ account issues. It is, without a doubt, beneficial for the clients to stay optimized.

2. Agencies have Certified Staff

As mentioned earlier, a Google Partner agency works with certified staff with relevant experience. This staff has to complete a series of exams to get the certificate. By maintaining Google‘s standard, the staff efficiently manages Google Ads campaigns.

3. Constant Evaluation and improvement

Once an agency partners with Google, it receives official approval from Google. That means the agency has to follow the best practices of advertising to meet Google’s standards. It is crucial because Google follows a set of fixed parameters to evaluate how partner agencies maintain high standards.

This high level of scrutiny is one of the reasons companies can trust partner agencies for managing their accounts. In any case, if an agency fails to follow the best practices, Google immediately rescinds its certification.

4. Can make the Best of Google Ads Features

Another important benefit that you can get by partnering with a Google agency is a full command on various Google Ads features. Having limited access or use of features and settings within Google Ads can lead to poor campaign performance.

However, when you work with a certified expert from a Google agency, they know how to take full advantage of Google Ads features and settings. This ensures that your campaign will not cost you much to run effectively.

5. Google Partners have Expertise

Tied to the last paragraph, Google ensures that all its partner agencies have certified professionals who have knowledge and expertise in all areas. Most of these partners do not only receive extensive training, but Google also monitors their performance when it comes to increasing quality scores, and improving users’ experience.

That is to say, a certified Google partner agency knows digital marketing platforms and leverages effective strategies to optimize Google Ads features to their maximum potential at affordable rates.

6. Google’s Beta Features

This is one of the key advantages your company can have when you work with a Google partner. Google partner agencies can opt for beta testing of advanced tools and features. These innovative features are evaluated for some months for their performance and then released to Google Ads users. Participating in beta testing is beneficial for running a successful online marketing campaign.

All in all, partnering with a certified Google agency is an ideal way to grow your client base as well as revenue. The agencies have a Google partner badge and have full access and command on Google Ads features to help you run a smooth paid ad campaign. Not only will you save your time by hiring a Google partner agency but can also maximize your return on investment.

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