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Project Description

the case

It’s a new era for Bionic, and the team at R Digital is proud to have been part of this incredible journey. We successfully launched a corporate website that encapsulates all enterprise services that Bionic has to offer for organisations and businesses.

Our focus was on making sure the site was user-friendly, mobile-responsive, and visually appealing. Let’s take a look at how our team did it.

our approach

R Digital utilised the WordPress Content Management System to develop the website, customising it to meet the client’s design guidelines. We designed a visually attractive and user-friendly site which is also SEO-optimised for increased organic traffic. To ensure maximum convenience for users, we created clear categorisation of services and information on the site.

Furthermore, our team implemented a variety of features such as interactive menus, easy navigation tools, responsive design and intuitive search functionality that enhances the overall user experience. Additionally, our experts strategically placed multimedia elements across the website such as images and graphics to give users a more immersive experience.

In addition to designing and developing the website, we also provided comprehensive services for Bionic’s web presence. We set up and implemented a Google Analytics account, as well as a Google Search Console account. This allows us to track website usage data and performance insights, ensuring that Bionic can make informed decisions about its online presence. As well as this, we created an enquiries section with a contact form; this ensures customers can easily get in touch with Bionic if they have any questions or comments.

All of these features combined help ensure that Bionic’s web presence is successful both today and in the future, by giving them the tools they need to measure their performance, engage with their customers, and keep their website running at its best.

One of the most unique features on this site is its chatbot named “Botakis” which serves as an online support agent. Botakis is available 24/7 for anyone who needs help navigating the website or has questions about Bionic services.


The launch of Bionic’s new corporate website has been an exciting milestone for everyone involved. R Digital worked hard to ensure that the website was designed properly from beginning to end and made sure to include essential user-friendly features like an easy-to-navigate interface, advanced SEO optimisation techniques and many more.

In addition, R Digital was able to keep within both the budget and timeline goals set out for this project. As a result of our team’s hard work and dedication, Bionic’s new corporate website is now primed for success with all the necessary elements in place! With a solid foundation in place, Bionic can now look forward to increased visibility on search engines, enhanced performance metrics & analytics reporting, and most importantly, a higher level of customer satisfaction online.

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