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Digital Advertising

The right message, to the right people, the right time!

Today’s consumers have grown-up in a world of researching and gathering information online. Even though the ways in which they consume content have evolved, the fundamental requirements for building successful digital advertising campaigns remain the same. These are:

– The availability of insights about the nature of the target consumer – their interests and intentions – and where and how to reach them.
– The ability to reach those consumers at granular levels of targeting and at real scale.
– The ability to create and deliver highly-compelling, relevant and effective creative campaigns across multiple mediums.

At R Digital, our aim is to drive real engagement across all interactive mediums that consumers are embracing today. Our interdisciplinary team ensures that creative concepts and messages are aligned with the brand’s strategy, fusing proprietary data with user-centric ad formats, designed to drive engagement and action.

“Users expect online ads to be both incredibly compelling and highly relevant. A campaign’s success lies at the intersection of data and creativity.”

What we do

Digital Advertising - Paid Search Engine Marketing

Paid Search

We have advanced knowledge of search dynamics, in order to target people searching for your products and services. We always look beyond the tactical rigour to drive performance through broader analytics and optimization.

Digital Advertising - Display Banners


Digital advertising is an essential channel for driving brand awareness and performance. At R Digital, we believe display advertising is most effective when delivered in combination with paid search, SEO and social marketing. We balance data and insights with creativity to deliver display campaigns that yield real business results and not just impressions.

Digital Advertising - Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

We have developed a simple but yet effective way of reaching the right audiences, on the right platforms and devices, with the right message. We know how to scale results of digital advertising by optimizing advert placements and bidding in a robust way to find, grow, and retain profitable audiences. When coupled with our search strategy and attributed to a smart sales approach, outstanding results are produced.

Digital Advertising - Global Communication

Global Communication

At R Digital, we have built a strong, international communications network in more than 10 countries to help you achieve real business goals across borders. We are partnering with the leading marketing, advertising, online marketing and PR agencies in the Middle East and Central / Eastern Europe which are offering effective 360º integrated communication services through traditional and digital mediums.

Digital Advertising - 3D Advertising

3D Digital Advertising

Explore a whole new world of digital advertising possibilities where creativity has no bounds and brand interactivity and personalisation reigns supreme with 3D advertising. At R Digital, we create rich 3D content for use across all online media, from your website to the online advertising as well as other marketing tools. Bring your products to life and perfectly coordinate your marketing strategy. Let our team of experts create a customized theme for your product and consumers to control their personal interaction with the brand while exploring it over the mediums.

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